After School Programs

Amazing Kids Belong Here!

At the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough, we believe that every kid is amazing. We also know that by joining in and hanging out at the Club, they’ll believe it, too! That is why, for over 60 years, the Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough has been giving children and youth something they deserve: a place to belong when they're not at home or at school.


To kids, their Club feels like a place where they can hang out with their friends, and make new ones! But it’s so much more. It’s a safe place that provides them with three of the things they need most: a sense of belonging, a sense of success and positive relationships.


That happens through a wide range of activities that are not only of interest to kids, but that are good for them, too: sports, homework, safe access to the on-line world, arts, crafts, and of course, snacks and meals.

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