How and when can I register for swimming lessons?

We typically hold six swim sessions throughout each year: Winter: January / February Spring I: March / April Spring II: May / June Summer: July / August Fall I: September / October Fall II: November / December Registration generally begins during the penultimate week of a current session and is availble online in person during office hours.

Is registration different at West Scarborough pool than at SATEC?

SATEC is a TDSB facility and as a result, program information and registration dates may vary. You are still able to register for SATEC online or at West Scarborough pool. Many programs at SATEC pool fall under SEAL Swimming. Registration for these programs can be completed at:

Why is the use of a bathing cap strongly recommended?

In order to ensure the highest level of water quality, the use of a bathing cap is strongly encouraged for all swimmers. All swimmers with hair longer than shoulder length must use a bathing cap. Caps can be purchased at the pool for $10 to $15.

Should I register for Group or Private Lessons?

Many families prefer private lessons, particularly those with difficult or restricted schedules. There is a general belief that children progress faster in private lessons, but this is not altogether true. In our experience the environment where swimmers progress more comfortably is in a small group or semi-private class. Private lessons should be considered when your child is working on a specific skill that they are not progressing on and it’s forcing them to be held back in a particular level. You may also consider private lessons if your child has a special need or requirement which inhibits their participating in a group environment.

How do I know what level to register for?

First time swimmers register by age:
4 - 24 Months register in Starfish 2 - 4 Years register in Sea Turtle (Parented) 3 - 5 Years register in Sea Otter (Not Parented), through Whale. 6 - 12 Years register in Level 1 (through Level 10) 13+ Years register in Teen & Adult (Basics or Strokes)

What qualifications do staff hold?

All of our aquatic staff hold their National Lifeguard Service, Standard First Aid & CPR-C, Swim Instructor and/or NCCP Swim Coach. You may come across an Assistant Water Safety Instructor in the water, who are required to shadow other Instructors to develop their teaching abilities. During evening and weekend programs, there is always an Aquatic Supervisor on duty to supervise lessons, enforce pool rules and regulations, assist Instructors and act as liaison between parents and Instructors.

My child has passed Level 10 and wants to become a Lifeguard. What can we do in the meantime?

Good question! There are plenty of opportunities to train in the pool once children complete their swim levels. We suggest trying one of the following: Junior Lifeguard Club – This club offers a variety of programs from the Red Cross Teen Swim Sports (Water Polo, Triathlon, Diving, Synchro, Underwater Hockey), as well as lifeguard training (Bronze Star) to get you prepared for certification. SEAL Swim Club – This will keep you in good physical condition for your sc hool swim team, triathlon training or other competitive aspirations. Swim Club meets at SATEC Swimming Pool and information can be found at

My child is registered in an unparented preschool class. Can I go into the water or stay on the deck?

Parents of children in un-parented classes are not permitted to go into the water or stay on the deck. This would not be fair to other children whose parents must stay on the balcony. It is very common for young children to be apprehensive and shy for the first few weeks of their new class. In our experience, children adapt best when they are allowed to work at their own pace and understand from the beginning that the parent will not be on deck or taking part in the class with them. The most fearful children will benefit from watching from the side and will gradually enter the water as they become more familiar and comfortable with their Instructor and the other children in the class.

Can I switch class or withdraw from classes?

Once you are registered in a program, you may switch to a different class, day or time only if there is space available. We do not permit switches after the second week of a session, as it is difficult on the Instructor, the child and other students in a class, to get used to an alteration once a routine has been established. If you wish to withdraw from a class, you may do so up until two weeks into a session under the terms of the refund policy. Following the second class, refunds for withdrawals are not permitted.

We will be away for a class, or miss a class during the session. Can we make it up or get a credit?

Unfortunately we cannot offer make up classes, or issue credits for students who are unable to attend their lessons. If, however, your lesson is cancelled by West Scarborough Aquatics due to a public holiday or unforeseen circumstances, your class will either be rescheduled or a credit will be applied to your account.

I am bringing my child of the opposite gender to the pool. Do you have a family changing room?

We do not have a family changing room. Children 7 years and under are permitted in the changing room of the opposite gender. Children 8 years and over are expected to change in the appropriate changing room.

My child isn't toilet trained yet. Is there anything that we should be aware of when we come to the pool?

Your child is required to wear a disposable pool diaper in the pool. Gabby’s Swim Diapers are the most popular and can be bought at the pool. Regular diapers are not acceptable. It is suggested that you do not feed your child 45 minutes to 1 hour before swimming with any snacks or meals, to avoid any accidents in the pool. Please note that if your child has had diarrhoea in the past two weeks, you are not permitted to enter the pool for health and safety reasons.

I haven't had time to register yet. Can you hold a space for my child in a class?

Registration is first come, first served. To make this fair for everyone, we cannot reserve spots for anybody.

We've had an Instructor in the past that we really like. Can I have the same Instructor again?

Most of our Instructors are students and their schedules change regularly. This makes it hard to confirm Instructors on any particular shift. Although we will make note of requests for a particular Instructor, we do not guarantee or confirms these requests in advance. Instructor requests may be taken into consideration under special circumstances, for example, a child with special needs or a particularly fearful child, but even then cannot be guaranteed. If you wish to withdraw from a class because you did not get the Instructor you want, the cancellation policy still applies and you will be charged for all classes that have taken place as well as the 15% administration fee.

What is the temperature of the pool water?

The water temperature at West Scarborough Swimming Pool is kept at approximately 84-86˚F. The reason for the warmer temperature is that the majority of our pool users are preschoolers and children under 8 years.

How many students are in a class?

Maximum capacity for classes: ​Preschool: 4 students Swim Kids: 6 students Teen & Adult: 6 students

Can we register more than two stduents in a Semi-Private class?

This will become a “Premium” Class. A Premium Class is a class scheduled specifically for a group of students and will not be opened to general registration. The current fee per student for Premium Lessons is: $120.00/8 Weeks.

I want to register my child in a Semi-Private class. Can you match us up with another child?

West Scarborough Aquatics does not share students information with other families. Because of this policy we are unable to match swimmers for semi-private lessons except when authorized by the coordinator and under special circumstances (i.e. adapted classes for students who move, learn or behave differently from others in a group setting).

If the pool is closed for unexpected circumstances, will we receive a phone call?

During any unforeseen incident in the pool every effort is made to contact all students and members that will be affected by the closure. Unfortunately it is often the case that students are already making their way to the pool at the time that an incident occurs. ​Any time that the pool is closed due to unforeseen or mechanical incidents a “make up” class will be scheduled by the Instructor.

I've tried calling the pool office, but there's no answer. How can I speak to my child's Instructor?

Often it is difficult to get through to the pool office due to the volume of calls, particularly during registration periods. Messages left during office hours will be returned on the same business day. Messages left after 4:00pm will be returned within 24 hours. West Scarborough Aquatics is unable to provide cellular phone numbers or personal contact details of our staff, volunteers or members. We will gladly leave a message in an Instructor’s mailbox for them to get back to you during their next shift.

If there are Lifeguards on duty, why do adults still have to be in the water with their children?

The West Scarborough Swimming Pool is a Class A Pool under the Ontario Health Regulation 595/90 for Public Pools. Under this regulation the adult to child supervision ratio is as follows: Children 5 years and under: maximum 2 children to 1 adult Children 6 to 9 years: maximum 4 children to 1 adult (if children are wearing a PFD: maximum 10 children to 1 adult) Children 6 to 9 years who are able to pass a swim test: maximum 10 children to 1 adult Please note the West Scarborough Swimming Pool Admittance Policy: That all Swimmers under 6 years and Non‐Swimmers under 9 years MUST be accompanied by an adult over 15 years. Swimmers 9 years and over can participate in Recreational Swimming unattended, but must complete a Deep End Test to the satisfaction of the Lifeguard BEFORE entering the Deep End. The Lifeguard’s decision is final and MUST BE RESPECTED.

How do I get a tax receipt for my child's swimming lessons?

Electronic receipts issued upon registration are valid income tax receipts. If you mislay your receipt, please contact us and we will resend electronically.

How long before my child's class should I feed them and what should they eat?

As a matter of Health & Safety, it is recommended that you allow at least one hour for food to digest before participating in aquatic activities. Under no circumstances should children consume food or drink before entering the pool. It is recommended that children are provided with a healthy snack after swimming (e.g. granola, juice, fruit etc).

What should we bring to swim class?

Bring your swim suit, towel and goggles if preferred or needed. If you have a progress card from prior swim lessons, bring that with you. This allows the Instructor to have a better knowledge of the skills needed to be worked on.

Can I access the deck to watch or wait for my child?

Children and Adults are not permitted to wait on the pool deck. For those waiting for a swim program, please wait in the changing rooms until 3-4 minute before your swim time. Please stay with your child until they are with their Instructor. Children under 7 are not permitted to wait on the deck unaccompanied by an adult. When you visit the deck, please remember to remove your shoes before walking through the showers and onto the pool deck.

I'd like to take a picture of my child swimming. When can I take photographs?

Photo/videos may only be taken of your own family. Permission to take photographs must be granted by a facility manager or pool supervisor prior to taking any photographs/videos. Underwater photography is not permitted. The use of electrical devices, including cellular phones and personal digital assistants, is prohibited in the changing and washing areas, and all areas of this swimming facility without prior consent of a manager or pool supervisor.

Aquatics FAQs

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