Emergency Planning

Emergency Preparedness is everyone's responsibility. Some individuals may not have the support or capacity to deal with emergencies. Always be prepared to assist others who may be vulnerable or unable to support themselves during an emergency.


It is impossible to provide specific information for all emergency situations.  There is no guarantee implied by this plan that a perfect response to emergency incidents will be practical or possible.  Therefore, this plan is a guide for employees to familiarize themselves with basic emergency planning, response, aftermath and evaluation.


The first step in dealing with an emergency is to recognize it. If you’re not sure call 911 and let the professionals decide.

Evacuation Planning

Be familiar with your work site:

  1. Review the floor plans posted on each floor.

  2. Know the location of the two exits nearest you.

  3. Know your primary evacuation route and the alternate route.

  4. Know how many doors you will have to pass along your evacuation route before you reach the nearest exit.

  5. Know your specific responsibilities during and following an evacuation.

Persons Requiring Special Assistance:

Some individuals, such as those with mobility, hearing or vision impairments, may require assistance during an evacuation. If you will require assistance, review your needs with your supervisor or instructor in advance of an emergency.

Note: Stairwell landings can be used as areas of refuge while waiting for assistance from emergency personnel.

First Aid and CPR Training

  • First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses are arranged through the Aquatics Division and Employment Division.

  • Re-certification courses are also available through the Aquatics Division.

  • Contact the Pool Office, extension 247, for more information.

  • Check upcoming training and re-certification dates at www.wsncc.recdesk.com

First Aid Kits:

  • First aid kits should be accessible to all personnel. To obtain a kit for your area contact the Pool Office, extension 247.

  • Know the location of the closest first aid kit.

  • Contents are refilled by contacting the Pool Office, 247.

Working Alone

  • If you can avoid working alone, do so.

  • If you must work alone, obtain your supervisor's permission and follow your divisional procedures.

  • During normal business hours, if you must work alone in a remote or isolated area, ensure that your supervisor knows where you are. Establish a "check-in schedule": you will check-in and someone will follow-up at regular intervals.

  • Outside normal business hours, ALWAYS check in with a supervisor first, and establish a "check-in schedule".

  • Outside normal business hours, avoid working alone if you are handling hazardous chemicals or operating hazardous equipment.

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