High Five

The Boys and Girls Club of West Scarborough is a proud 
HIGH FIVE accredited organization.

HIGH FIVE is Canada’s only comprehensive quality standard
for children’s sport and recreation and holds true to the following
five Principles of healthy child development that our research
indicates are essential for quality programs.

​A Caring Adult

  • Friends

  • Play

  • Mastery

  • Participation


HIGH FIVE’s unique and proprietary approach is built on a Quality Framework, consisting of:

  • Training and Development for staff

  • Program Assessments using the scientifically-validated QUEST 2 Tool

  • Establishing Policies and Procedures to manage risk

  • Creating Awareness of high quality programs for kids

HIGH FIVE provides an evidence-based approach to quality experiences for kids, empowering them to excel in life.

HIGH FIVE® - The best way to play

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