Human Resource Policies

The West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre has established a variety of policies and standards that ensure a safe and respectful working environment. During the period of your employment with us, you agree to be bound by these policies and standards, and any future policies and standards that are reasonably introduced or amended from time to time. 

Human Resource Management Plan


Employee Handbook

Employee Manual (Complete)


Section I - Operating Philosophy


Mission Statement



Board Governance

Operating Philosophy


Diversity Statement

Core Programs and Services

Definition of Terms


Responsibility for Human Resource Management

1.1 Board Responsibilities

1.2 Employer's Responsibilities

1.3 Human Resource Committee

1.4 Executive Director's Responsibilities

1.5 Manager of Resource Development Responsibilities

1.6 Employee Responsibilities

Section II - Essential Organizational Policies


Essential Organizational Policies

2.1 Human Rights

2.2 Privacy

2.3 Confidentiality

2.4 Code of Conduct

2.4.1 Workplace Practice

2.4.2 Personal Conduct

2.5 Conflict of Interest

2.6 Compensation

2.7 Fraternization

2.8 Equal Opportunity

2.9 Accessibility

2.10 Discrimination and Harassment

2.11 Communication

2.12 Telecommunication and Technology

2.13 Risk Management

2.14 Intellectual Property Ownership

2.15 Health and Safety

Section III - Specific Employee Policies


Recruitment and Selection

3.1 Recruitment

3.2 Hiring Principles

3.3 Internal Hiring

3.4 Selection - Advertising

3.5 Interviewing

3.6 Selection of Employees

3.7 Recruitment and Selection of Executive Director

3.8 Reference Policy

3.9 Police Reference Checks

3.10 Trial Period

3.11 Compensation


3.12 Orientation

Salary and Benefit Administration

3.13 Expenses

3.14 Handling Agency Cash and Cheques

3.15 Employment Records

3.16 Employee Benefits

3.17 Use of Personal Vehicles for Work

3.18 Use and Driving of WSNCC Vehicles

3.19 Garnishee of Wages

Attendance Management

3.20 Regular Working Hours

3.21 Overtime and Compensation

3.22 Attendance and Absenteeism

Leaves and Absenses

3.23 Compassionate Leave / Family Medical Leave

3.24 Maternity / Parental Leave

3.25 Sick Leave

3.26 Personal and Professional Leaves of Absence

3.27 Jury Duty

3.28 Statutory Holidays

3.29 Vacation

Performance Management

3.30 Performance Assessment

3.31 Executive Director's Performance Assessment

3.32 Exit Interviews

Professional Development and Training

3.33 Professional Development and Training

3.34 Progression and Succession Planning

Behaviour Management

3.35 Conflict and Complaint Resolution

3.36 Corrective Action

3.37 Termination - Dismissal With Cause

3.38 Lay-Off

3.39 Notice Periods


3.40 Provision of Reference Letters

Child Abuse and Neglect

3.41 Reporting Abuse or Neglect


Appendix A: Code of Conduct

Appendix B: Interview Guidelines

Appendix C: Reference Check Guidelines

Appendix D: Police Reference Check Guidelines

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