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Individual Volunteering

We value the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm that volunteers bring to our environment.

Our before and after school programs offer a safe, supportive place where children belong, have fun, experience new opportunities, build relationships and develop new skills that will help them become confident, healthy and thriving youth.

Our youth programs, offer opportunities for you to share your talents and skills as a volunteer.  As a positive influencer, you will have the fun of hanging out with youth, help them learn new skills and watch them grow and develop as confident, thriving young adults with healthy mindsets and insatiable curiosity about the world around them.

If you are interested in individual volunteering opportunities with West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre, fill out our online application today!  Our individual volunteer opportunities vary in times, days of week and need. To get started, please have ready the following information:

  • Days of week you are available (Monday to Friday)

  • Time frame you are available (from what start time to what end time?)

  • Number of hours you wish to volunteer each day

  • Number of times per week you wish to volunteer (based on the above information) 

Making a difference in the life of someone else is a rewarding gift – for you and for the people we serve!

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from becoming a volunteer with West Scarborough:

  • A smile on a child’s face when you walk in the door

  • The life-long connections you make with staff and other volunteers

  • The pride of belonging to a passionate and dedicated organization

  • The training, support, and guidance you receive to help you grow and expand your volunteer skills

  • The amazing feeling you get after having a heart-to-heart conversation with a youth struggling with life’s challenges

Once you have completed our online application and submitted your resume, the next steps in the process will begin.  We will contact you to let you know what volunteer opportunities may be available that match the volunteer time you have to give and the experience and talents you have to share.


Corporate / Group Volunteering

Our Corporate and Group Volunteer Program gives your work group an opportunity to make a difference in your community and gain a greater understanding of some of the critical social issues in West Scarborough.

West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre’s corporate volunteer opportunities provide your team with the chance to make an impact in the lives of the children, youth, seniors and families that we serve each day. These opportunities are a great way for your team to unveil their inner superheroes, build team morale, and make a lasting impression on our programs. We’ll even give your group social media shout outs and recognition in our publications highlighting your community engagement.

Adventures may involve:

  • Interacting with children and youth

  • Revitalising space in the community centre or surrounds

  • Congregate dining lunches with seniors

  • Special events and activities

Time expectation:

  • Depending on the project or event, the time requirement will be between 2-8 hours


  • We greatly appreciate and value our volunteers and each group that is interested; however, due to the nature and capacity of our programs, we are unable to accommodate volunteer groups larger than 20 people. Exceptions are made based on specific activities.

  • Volunteers must be over the age of 18 

  • Please provide a minimum of 2 weeks for planning purposes 

  • For larger construction projects, we seek skilled workers 

  • You will get an on-site staff member to ensure the volunteer day runs smoothly

For any inquiries, please email jstyla@wsncc.org

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